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Good Mortgage Agents / Loan Officers Wanted (from #date_start# till #date_end#)

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Date: 2021-07-27 01:14:39 EDT

Price: $n/a

Looking for good Mortgage Agents/ Loan Officers

I am a true secondary market mortgage banker and when a loan is approved via DU, it is approved. There is no coming back and saying we don’t like the loan so doing loans will be easy and painless like it is suppose to be.

I have 2 pay options

1. Work in the office from 10-5 M-F, I give you leads, you make the calls, Get paid in tiers, up to a max of 40% retro.

2. Work in the field and get a flat 60% on all loan profits. What I mean by flat, is that we are not taking out for your credit reports, du fees, employment verification fees, 4506T fees, or allregs fees. So you are getting a flat 60%. With some companies that say they pay more, you have to pay all the fees, plus a broker and a split. With me you do not… We pay everything and you get 60% which is basically equivalent to 90%+. We also pay you W-2 and have to pay our portion of your taxes on our side, so really we do not make much as we want good, hard workers and to make them and their families happy.

Just reply with your resume and contact information and we will be returning your call or email

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